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Muphy Larkin Fire Doors

At Murphy Larkin we manufacture a Large selection of Commerical and Residential Fire Doors to choose.  Our Fire doors come in all standard sizes that we stock in our warehouse and we manufacture off standard bespoke fire doors.  Our Fire doors are available in FD30 Fire Doors, FD60 Fire doors and FD90 Fire Doors, Medical Leaded fire doors. Our Formica Fire Doors come in Many colours and finishes to meet your desired specification. Our prehung Fire doors are a quick and easy to install. All our Fire doors come fully certified. 

We Deliver thoughout Ireland and UK.

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 External Fire Door Flush Surface FD30
External Half Hour FD30 Solid Timber Fire Door External Timber door comes with a flsuh surface an..
Ex Tax: €109.76
Based on 1 reviews.
 Flush Primed White Fire Door FD30
Flush FD30 Primed white smooth surface fire door. Fire door comes 44mm in thickness with a S..
€80.44 €71.00
Ex Tax: €57.72
Based on 1 reviews.
 Kingscourt Primed Door Fire Door
Seadec Kingscourt White Primed Door FD30 30 Minute Fire Door The Seadec Classic White Primed K..
Ex Tax: €142.27
Based on 3 reviews.
 Oak Flush Fire Door 30 Minute FD30
This prefinished, modern oak flush door has a clean and minimal style making it ideal for any type o..
Ex Tax: €96.75
Based on 2 reviews.
 Paint Grade Flush Fire Door FD30
FD30 Paint grade MDF faced flush fire door Smooth Finish Ready for Primer and Top Coat Availab..
Ex Tax: €56.00
Based on 10 reviews.
 Paint Grade Flush Fire Door FD60
Paint grade flush fire fire 60 minute (fd60) doors comes fully certified Fire door comes unfinish..
Ex Tax: €202.44
 Pre Hung Regency Door set
our Regency Prehung Door set comes with Primed frame and Moulded primed white deal architrave.&..
Ex Tax: €140.00
Based on 7 reviews.
 Savannah Primed Door
The Savannah 5 panel vertical design incorporates a cottage style design and comes with a textured t..
€140.00 €139.00
Ex Tax: €113.01
 Walnut Prehung Door Set (Fire Door Optional)
Walnut Prehung Door Set . Our walnut prehung door set comes. walnut shaker door, walnut engineered f..
Ex Tax: €284.55
Based on 3 reviews.
Alton Primed Door
The Alton doors comes with a Ladder design. The Ladder design gives a modern twist to a popular..
€140.00 €139.00
Ex Tax: €113.01
Ash Veneered Fire Door FD30
Ash Veneered Fire Door FD30, comes prefinished sealed and lacquered. Discounts on large quan..
Ex Tax: €109.75
Based on 1 reviews.
Deanta HP10 Primed White Door
The Deanta HP10 interior Fire door adds a natural, modern style to any room. Its clean, bold li..
€125.00 €120.00
Ex Tax: €97.56
Deanta HP12 Oak Fire Door FD30
Deanta HP12 Oak Fire Door, FD30 as standard and finished 44mm in thickness The HP12 int..
€183.00 €169.00
Ex Tax: €137.40
Based on 10 reviews.
Deanta HP12 Primed White Door FD30
The Deanta HP12 interior Fire door adds a natural, modern style to any room. Its clean, bold lines g..
€166.00 €135.00
Ex Tax: €109.76
Based on 1 reviews.
Deanta HP12 Walnut Door FD30
Deanta Walnut HP12 Fire Door, Fire rated door FD30 thirty minute door comes 44mm thickness. Real ..
€185.00 €169.00
Ex Tax: €137.40
Based on 9 reviews.
Deanta HP14 Oak Door (Fire Door as Standard)
Deanta HP14 Oak Door, Fire Door as Standard, 44mm thickness Prefinished sealed and lacquered..
Ex Tax: €148.78
Based on 5 reviews.