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 Thermo Attic Stairs Thermo Attic Stairs
Thermo Insulated Attic Stairs comes complete with slip grip feet and safety handle Size Options: ..
€117.00 €146.58 Ex Tax: €96.69
 Thermo Attic Stairs 700x1100MM Thermo Attic Stairs 700x1100MM
Our 1100 x 700mm Thermo Attic Stairs is ideal for wide opeing on your ceiling. All our Attic Stai..
€148.00 €176.09 Ex Tax: €122.31
Aluminium Attic StairsAluminium Attic Stairs
Our Aluminium Attic Stairs are ideal for commercial use or in garages etc. Our aluminium 3-part fol..
€333.49 Ex Tax: €275.61
Attic Hatch Door (Dormer door)Attic Hatch Door (Dormer door)
Attic Hatch Door (Dormer door) Our Attic Hatch doors come with a polstyrene insulated door. The d..
€105.00 Ex Tax: €86.78
Auto Electric Attic Stairs Auto Electric Attic Stairs
Our Auto Electric model is fully electric and automatic. Both the door and ladder open down automati..
€2,250.00 Ex Tax: €2,250.00
Deluxe Attic Stairs (Ideal for High Ceilings)Deluxe Attic Stairs (Ideal for High Ceilings)
Our Attic Stairs can Reaching Ceiling height of 11ft. Our deluxe designer metal sliding ladd..
€284.30 Ex Tax: €234.96
Mezzanine Stairs Mezzanine Stairs
Mezzanine Access Ladder Our Mezzanine Ladder model is a fixed ladder, which can be rolled in or out..
€880.45 Ex Tax: €727.64
Space Saver Attic StairsSpace Saver Attic Stairs
Our Space Saver model is specifically designed for tight spaces, where the opening cannot be made mu..
€244.95 Ex Tax: €202.44
Ultra High Attic Stairs Ultra High Attic Stairs
ULTRA HIGH STAIRS  Our Ultra High Attic Stairs model is designed for very high ceilings (Max 5meter..
€978.82 Ex Tax: €808.94
Vertical Stairs Vertical Stairs
VERTICAL STAIRS  Our Vertical model is designed for vertical openings (openings in a vertical wall,..
€1,203.95 Ex Tax: €995.00
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