Solid Engineered Flooring

The Benefits of Engineered Flooring Compared to Solid Flooring

An engineered floor, simply put, is a floor made from more than one piece of timber. The multi-plywood layers use up to 12 layers of thinly cut hardwood and softwood timbers, placed and glued in multiple directions to increase the strength and stability of the solid top layer.

Solid timber boards are a living, breathing material and sensitive to constant environmental changes within your home. Moisture within a home will cause the board to fatten and swell, and cause your board to rise. Heat within a home will cause the release of moisture within the board and cause shrinkage. The amount of movement caused by environmental factors is far greater in solid timber than in engineered timber.

The benefits of engineered flooring over solid flooring are:

Far greater stability ensures less floor failures

Wider boards are more achievable as a result of greater stability

Wear Layers, or sanding layers are generally greater

Can be floated on an underlay

Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating