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Hardwood Parquet flooring (The Twelve)

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You get a new floor while giving back to the world

If you are looking for an oak parquet floor then the new Twelve collection is for you. Apart from the colour and number of tones , every parquet floor in The Twelve shares the same characteristics, quality , comfort and sustainability. This is possible because every board originates from European oak trees. Every fibre is locally processed and treated , resulting in not only a beautiful floor but also a great way to contribute to a better world which is what we all need now.

As far as our ecological footprint is concerned we are one step ahead. The Twelve guarantees sustainable forest management. Every board is made from 100% European wood and processed by people with a passion for wood in every fibre of their being , true craftsmen. We only work with wood from sustainably managed forests guaranteed by PEFC.

About The Twelve Parquet floor

Parquet flooring is often made in China from wood originating from all corners of the world , only to be transported 7000km to Europe for sale. That’s not ok with us. We harvest and process our wood from our locally managed forests (PEFC-certified) in the Czech republic and Slovakia and are therefore unlike many others a genuinely sustainable brand.

We process the carefully selected oak into flooring at our sawmill in the Czech republic. Here we dry the wood slowly until it reaches the perfect humidity level. This results in highly stable boards that will not shrink or swell unintentionally. The dried boards of The Twelve are then sent directly to our final production line. At our factory we process every board into engineered wood with the typical tongue and groove system , treat it with oil and its ready to install.

Finally we deliver the boards to you’re the Twelve dealer , this does not take too long as it doesn’t have to travel thousands of kilometres around the world.

Learn more about the Hardwood boards

We always treat our floors with two layers of oil. One layer is used to give the floor colour while the other is to protect your floor even further. We make things as easy as possible with The Twelve and that means that your floor is always installed by a professional-fully oiled and fully glued into place. In other words no expensive final or special soap treatments are needed. After the professional installer closes the door behind them you can walk on the floor of your dreams. Lets take a look at some specs of The Twelve collection.

Durable protective layer:

We give your floor a serious oil bath so that:

You can walk on your floor immediately after installation

Your wood will beam with beauty

Your floor will have added protection

Wooden oak top layer:

Top quality European oak cut in 3mm thick layers

A unique process that produces more flooring out of a single tree

No more swelling and shrinking, the combination of multiple layers ensures exceptional dimensional stability when exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Underneath the oak layer:

We have a heart of European pine which provides strength and stability

A stabilising backing guarantees a perfectly balanced floor plate to prevent warping.

Total length of each board is 1920mm

Width is 190mm

Thickness is 14mm

Maintenance is a piece of cake

When it comes to daily maintenance the best method is to use a soft brush or simply hoover. To keep your parquet floor looking like new you can always clean it with The Twelve parquet soap.

If your floor becomes dull after a while and you would like to freshen it up a bit then we recommend using The Twelve maintenance oil in concentrated form. This lets you preserve the silky shine even longer if desired.

If you have underfloor heat ( YES I SAID UNDERFLOOR HEATING ) we would advise you use this oil twice a year to keep the wood nice and nourished and prevent a dried out look.

Pick the number that’s right for you:

Natural signature : this is for the person who loves to see the large knots

Minimal signature : this is for the person who prefers few and small knots

A few of The Twelve members have been put through a smoking process. This eco friendly technique gives each board even more character. The boards in the same floor style may vary slightly as a result creating a more unique look and feel.

Why not visit the Murphy Larkin website to meet the family and see them in all their glorious colours and finishes or pop into the Tramore showroom to see them in person.