WoodUpp Akupanels

Do you still have any doubts about the necessity of installing any of our WoodUpp Akupanel in your house?

This blog post will outline the top 3 reasons why you should have one in your house. As you’ll see, it has a lot of amazing functions that go beyond just how great it looks and might potentially make your life better.

Benefit 1: Your room will look better.

I believe that many of the images we post on our social media pages and website demonstrate how much of a difference using an acoustic panel makes to the appearance and ambiance of a space.

It makes no difference whether you mount one Akupanel or an entire wood panel wall.

The color is ideal for you as long as it either contrasts with your floor and interior decor or complements them.

Order samples and hold them up to your wall to determine the perfect color to match your living space, or use our website’s visualizer tool.

WoodUpp Oak & Black Felt Akupanels

Benefit 2: Get a better sound environment

Can we agree that there is nothing more annoying than bad acoustics in your home and there is nothing worse than a constant echo that follows you? 

Especially in modern houses and apartments – with big and open rooms where the living room and the kitchen area are combined – bad acoustics is typically a problem. Luckily, we invented the Akupanel to solve this acoustical disaster! With the acoustical panels you can improve the acoustics in your home a lot and dampen the sound effectively.

Bye, bye reverberation!

The panels can be mounted in 2 different ways generally:

For the panels to receive the highest acoustic rating—Sound Class A—install mineral wool behind them.

You must place the acoustic panels on 45mm battens and add mineral wool behind them to do that.

of course, mounting the panels directly to the wall is another option.

By using that strategy, you can achieve Sound Class D, which is likewise quite good at reducing sound.

The frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which correspond to the typical sound levels encountered by most people, are where the panels perform best

The panels generally isolate high and low tones.

The primary distinction between an installation with and without mineral wool is that the class D sound does not produce pitches at low frequencies as effectively as the class A sound does (bass and deep male voices).

However, the two types of mounting are roughly equally effective when it comes to high frequency pitches, such as female voices, children’s voices, cracking glass, etc.

When the Akupanel are fixed directly on the wall or ceiling — without a framework and mineral wool — sound class D is heard.

So I would advise installing the panels on the framework if your room’s acoustics are particularly poor.


Benefit 3: Receive several compliments from your visitors.

In fact, I love this point the most.

Most of our customers have told us that they enjoy their new slat wall or ceiling and that their friends and family frequently praise them on it. It demonstrates that the effort you put in was more than worthwhile.

The atmosphere has significantly improved, and the acoustics are superb!

Look at the following pictures to see exactly what I mean.

WoodUpp Copper Oxide Akupanels
WoodUpp White
Ideal for a Head Board WoodUpp Oak & Black
WoodUpp Akupanels Oak & Black