The Benefits of a High Quality Underlay for Timber & Laminate Flooring

Our ‘Woodlux’ Gold Foil Underlay has been specially developed to insulate under laminate, semi-solid and engineered wood flooring.

The foil reflects heat back into the room whilst at the same time improving air tightness. It acts as a vapour barrier stopping airflow through drafty floorboards and resisting the passage of moisture through both timber and concrete.

Cold air penetrating rooms through your concrete and floorboards has a significant impact on your home heating bill. Using our Woodlux gold foil underlay will enhance the ‘U-Value’ in all new or refurbished buildings and help meet current building regulations.

The underlay provides significant sound dampening and helps insulate the surrounding area. It also provides substantial cushioning for your feet.

To install, simply sweep up any excess rubble on your floor prior to laying.The gold section of the foil is laid face down onto the concrete/floorboards. Once your floor is covered entirely, you are then ready to lay your new laminate or wood floor…its that easy.