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Doors Handles Or Door Knobs

This is a common question is what will I add to my door? A door handle or a door knob. And the answer is it’s entirely up to you… But we will try to help why a door handle or door knob will suit a certain style of door.

Door knobs work really well with Traditional style doors such as a 4 panel 2 panel Victorian, Georgian style doors. some examples below.

2 Panel Bolection Door With Crackle Door Knob
Door knobs

Door Handles

Internal door handles work with all doors. Here we look at various styles and designs that you can choose from and how to complete any home or office interior.

Internal doors are an essential and functional feature within any home, acting as both separators and access points between different living spaces. A modern three/four-bedroom home may typically boast between 11 and 18 internal doors, but this figure can reach even higher, particularly in older and more traditional properties.

No internal door is complete without suitable door furniture and the choice of handles or door knobs you make will be a subtle, yet very important detail. They can act like jewelry that catches your eye for a room, helping tie together different design elements and aiding the natural flow through the property, from area to area.

While they may be a physically small item, the style you choose needs to sit well within the overall design of your home. Plus, the hardware needs to be fit for purpose, long lasting and suitable for carrying out an important function on a day-to-day basis.

There are lots of options when it comes to size, type and design, and you’ll want to find the style that is going to complement your property the most. But where do you start? Modern shaker doors will suit minimal door handle styles. Doors with curve’s on them might would suit a door handle with a curve to accompany that door. Some images below

Door Handles
Curve door handles
Rome Door Handle