Hardwood or Laminate Flooring?, Solid Engineered Flooring

Timber Wood Grain

Hardwood Timber Grain


A lot of time in the showroom we get questions about why to choose a real timber over a laminate. Although both have positives when it comes to the natural grain and look of the timber you can not deny that a realwood timber product will come out on top every day of the week. Laminates are very realistic and have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years to one of the most popular types of floor people will choose and not only because of the price difference but because the quality and finish is so good now.

In saying this when you lay a laminate on the floor beside a semi solid piece of flooring then there can only be one winner in this , the natural grain and colour in the semi solid will stand out a lot more as you will see from the pictures with this post , a nice grain can really transform your floor . This grain can also be found in our Oak and Walnut doors as they are a real wood natural veneer on the doors so the colours and grains will vary from door to door making each door your own unique piece of furniture in your home.

We took this one step further in the showroom and decided to do a feature wall in our Double Smoked Oak semi solid flooring . There is no rule to say a floor has to go on the ground and this idea can really make a difference to your room. With the right lighting and added accessories this can be a real focal point of your home. From blonde to wavey to just plain crazy grains you never know what will be on the next plank as you open up the boxes of flooring  and this is what makes a natural product so beautiful and unique compared to other manufactured finishes.

Smoked Oak Hard Timber Grain

Its safe to say we have a soft spot here for real timber products but laminate floors and laminate faced doors are really taking the market by storm lately due to the quality of finish and the durability of the product. Colour is also a big factor in this as Grey continues to be the new white , but if and when this trend changes the old reliable Oak and Walnut floors will still available to change your home forever.