Palladio Composite Doors

Palladio Composite Doors From Profile Developments

At Murphy Larkin, our Palladio Composite Doors are very special external doors indeed. Built from fibreglass, the same material used in boat making, these doors are without doubt the most structurally stable and heat retentive external doors on the market today.

Fibreglass is a material designed to never twist, warp or bow due to its incredible weight to strength ratio. Bonded to the surface of the fibreglass is a PVC skin with a timber grain taken from a natural oak mould to give your door the most natural of looks.

Triple glazed glass and an 8 point locking system all combine to create a door that is a hindrance to all would-be intruders. With a U-Value low enough to suit passive-homes/houses, you will not only be buying a door that will last in excess of 40 years but a door that will save you extensive money on your home heating bills.

Composite Doors are designed to banish the flaws of existing external door materials such as PVC, Aluminium, and Timber.


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