Door Handles & Door Knobs

Door Handles vs Door Knobs: Which Should I Choose?

Knurled Door Handles

When it comes to choosing door furniture, the most common question is “Should I choose knobs or handles?”

Whilst there is no singular reason to choose one over the other, both have pros and cons which may be reason enough for you to make your decision.

Door Knobs

Door Knobs are classically designed and are capable of adding a touch of style and class to your home. Designs and finishes are plentiful, with more elaborate porcelain, glass, and crystal cut finishes also available on top of the more commonplace brass and silver finishes.


They are perfect for older period properties. Many of these older properties would have been fitted with surface mounted rim locks, which are perfectly compatible with door knobs.

Aesthetically, door knobs look fantastic and give an immediate face lift to both old and newer styles of doors.

If the classic ball shaped knob is not suited, oval or egg shaped knobs are also available, giving enhanced grip, leverage, and size.


Door knobs do not naturally give as much grip as door handles.

Door knobs need to be set back further into the door than handles to avoid the user catching there knuckles on the door frame.

They are not ideally suited to people with arthritis in the hands or wrists, damp or wet hands, or for toddlers/small children, due to a general lack of grip and added tension/force required when twisting the knob to open the door.

Door Handles

Door handles are available in both modern and traditional styles. The traditional handle on backplate has been around for hundreds of years, whilst the more modern lever on rose is the more popular choice for renovations and new home builds.


Handles are convenient when opening and closing doors. Even when your hands are full, you could easily open the door using your elbow.

As the handle is fitted away from the frame of the door, there is little to no chance of the user catching there knuckles on the frame.

Handles are available in a wide selection of designs & styles, suitable for both modern and traditional homes.


Handles may not lend themselves to suiting period properties, particularly doors previously fitted with surface mounted rim locks.

The basic shape of a handle means that it may get caught on loose clothing as you walk through the door.

Handles may require greater maintenance over time, as they contain springs that hold the lever in position.

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