New Showrooms

Now operating our of our new bigger and brighter showrooms located in Tramore Co Waterford. We now offer our customers some of the very best in doors and flooring. A year in planning and construction our new flagship store has everything that you need when it comes to all our door and flooring needs. The larger store has enabled us to extend our products for people to pursue. We now carry  stonework walls, which are on display by one of the top companies in the field Stegu.

Murphy Larkin Showrooms

Murphy Larkin Tramore Showrooms Open 7 Days!

The stonework walls give a lovely finish as surrounds to fireplaces and are proving a popular choice amongst customers. When it comes to internal doors We’re Ireland largest supplier. Our pocket doors which are recessed into the walls and a lot of sliding doors are on display in the new showrooms. We also supply the highly popular Palladio external doors. The Palladio doors only of very few that manufacture there doors here in Ireland. We also have a huge selection of sliding barn doors that are all manufactured in our factory in Tramore. Our barn doors come in a range of over 200 finishes all unique to the customer. The barn doors are internal door that are bespoke to the company. We’re the only company in Ireland that product such a door, the only limit is your imagination. Choice is the key word when it comes to providing our

customers what they are looking for.

Our flooring section has over 250 floors to choose from. Laminate floors top brands such as Pergo, quickstep, Balterio, Haro, Kronoswiss. Our Real wood timber floor is only purchased from FSC managed forests. We use Oak hardwood floors, walnut, smoked oak hardwoods and many more available from our showrooms. There is a similarly a large range of door handles and door knobs as well as architraves and skirting boards all in a range of styles and finishes.

Tramore Showrooms

Murphy Larkin Tramore Showrooms

Pocket door walls

Pocket door, sliding door display wall

Dk34ICFB Bronze door knob

Dk34icfb Crackle door knob


Pergo and Balterio Floors

Pergo and Balterio flooring displays

Pergo floors, Baterio floors

Pergo and Balterio flooring displays

Timber Stegu Stone walls

Stegu Stone walls

Pocket door Videos

Double sliding doors

Here’s a few videos of a quick demo of our sliding doors kits. All pocket doors that are used in our videos are all supplied and installed by Murphy Larkin Timber Products. Our pocket door kits are all compatible with all our internal doors, barn doors and external Mahogany doors.

Stairs Refurbishments

Murphy Larkin Stairs refurb

Murphy Larkin Stairs Refurb 

Have you ever wished to change your existing staircase, but were concerned about the high cost or the potential damage it may cause?

Well we may have a solution….

Our stairs refurbishment parts allow you to transform the look of your existing closed staircase into the staircase of your dreams,with a choice of designs and desirable finishes such as oak and walnut to choose from.

Our innovative stairs system allows us to overlay your existing steps with solid engineered facing, with a wide selection of newal posts, spindles, handrails etc available to finish it off, and none of the excess damage or cost of a completely new staircase.

Have your staircase refurbished by one of our expert ‘Murphy Larkin’ installers in only a few hours to completely transform your hallway.

Walnut stairs

Walnut stairs



Door Handles vs Door Knobs: Which Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing door furniture, the most common question is “Should I choose knobs or handles?”

Whilst there is no singular reason to choose one over the other, both have pros and cons which may be reason enough for you to make your decision.

Door Knobs:

Door Knobs are classically designed and are capable of adding a touch of style and class to your home. Designs and finishes are plentiful, with more elaborate porcelain, glass, and crystal cut finishes also available on top of the more commonplace brass and silver finishes.


They are perfect for older period properties. Many of these older properties would have been fitted with surface mounted rim locks, which are perfectly compatible with door knobs.

Aesthetically, door knobs look fantastic and give an immediate face lift to both old and newer styles of doors.

If the classic ball shaped knob is not suited, oval or egg shaped knobs are also available, giving enhanced grip, leverage, and size.


Door knobs do not naturally give as much grip as door handles.

Door knobs need to be set back further into the door than handles to avoid the user catching there knuckles on the door frame.

They are not ideally suited to people with arthritis in the hands or wrists, damp or wet hands, or for toddlers/small children, due to a general lack of grip and added tension/force required when twisting the knob to open the door.


Door Handles

Door handles are available in both modern and traditional styles. The traditional handle on backplate has been around for hundreds of years, whilst the more modern lever on rose is the more popular choice for renovations and new home builds.


Handles are convenient when opening and closing doors. Even when your hands are full, you could easily open the door using your elbow.

As the handle is fitted away from the frame of the door, there is little to no chance of the user catching there knuckles on the frame.

Handles are available in a wide selection of designs & styles, suitable for both modern and traditional homes.


Handles may not lend themselves to suiting period properties, particularly doors previously fitted with surface mounted rim locks.

The basic shape of a handle means that it may get caught on loose clothing as you walk through the door.

Handles may require greater maintenance over time, as they contain springs that hold the lever in position.


img-1 img-2 img-3



Solid Doors Vs Engineered Doors

There is a common misconception that products with an engineered core are inferior to there solid equivalents, possibly down to the lower price and implied quality difference between solid and engineered materials.

Whilst a solid door set may hold a certain desirability factor to it, a like for like engineered door will have significant performance benefits that greatly improve upon that of a solid.

The doors may look the same, but as all you old romantics will know…its what’s on the inside that counts

As the name suggests, solid door constructions are made from singular pieces of timber, jointed, glued or dowelled together.

Engineered cores take a more modern approach to door leaf construction. In some cases particle board is used, whilst in other cases a cross-configuration of multi-layered timber is pressed and glued together to form a solid core. In both cases, a veneer is applied to the surface and solid lipping is fixed to the edges for shaving purposes.

Solid doors have a premium allure to them, and there inherent strength is undeniable. They are, however, susceptible to environmental factors such as heat and moisture. Exposure to factors such as these can cause a solid door to warp or bow, making it twist and gradually lose shape.

Engineered doors, on the other hand, are far more structurally stable as they are made from multiple materials and can evenly distribute any environmental stress that may be applied to it

Its highly likely that an engineered set will out-perform your solid door set for less money, and as newer building regulations call for better thermal insulation, your final decision may be a no brainer.



Converting your Attic with ‘Murphy Larkin Attic Conversions’

At ‘Murphy Larkin’ we understand that choosing a company to help you plan, create and deliver your new attic conversion is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Converting attic space can provide a relatively low cost means of attaining extra room(s), as it is created from exisiting space already available within the home.

Compared to the more arduous options of planning an extension to the rear or side of the house, an attic conversion makes much more sense.

In our estimation, it should be the first place to look should extra room(s) be a priority.

An attic conversion will unlock your homes hidden potential and will create an added space for you and your family to live, work and play in.

Our expert fitting team, who are fully qualified and insured, will ensure your attic space is utilised to its maximum potential.

For further information, call the experts at ‘Murphy Larkin’.

attic-conversion. attic-conversion.1 IMG_5275 IMG_5276

The Benefits of a High Quality Underlay for Timber & Laminate Flooring

Our ‘Woodlux’ Gold Foil Underlay has been specially developed to insulate under laminate, semi-solid and engineered wood flooring.

The foil reflects heat back into the room whilst at the same time improving air tightness. It acts as a vapour barrier stopping airflow through drafty floorboards and resisting the passage of moisture through both timber and concrete.

Cold air penetrating rooms through your concrete and floorboards has a significant impact on your home heating bill. Using our Woodlux gold foil underlay will enhance the ‘U-Value’ in all new or refurbished buildings and help meet current building regulations.

The underlay provides significant sound dampening and helps insulate the surrounding area. It also provides substantial cushioning for your feet.

To install, simply sweep up any excess rubble on your floor prior to laying.The gold section of the foil is laid face down onto the concrete/floorboards. Once your floor is covered entirely, you are then ready to lay your new laminate or wood floor…its that easy.



Thermo Attic Stairs

Our Thermo Attic Stairs is our standard model of attic stairs, and ideal for general domestic purposes.

It is a traditional 3 part retractable folding attic ladder constructed from red deal pine.

The Thermo Attic Stairs includes a trapdoor that is 26mm’s thick which is fully insulated and draft-proofed for minimal levels of heat loss.

The trapdoor is constructed by means of a red deal structural frame with a polystyrene insulated core.  The perimeter of the trapdoor is rebated with a rubber seal to improve airtightness.

A metal D-Handle is attached to the top third of the door to give the user support on entry to the attic.

Rubber feet are fitted to the end of the ladder to protect your floor or carpet from tears, indentations, or scratches.

The hatch is spring-loaded meaning that it will support its own weight and allow for gentle opening and closing.

The timber used in the construction of the attic stairs is sourced from renewable forests which is helpful to the environment.

It is truly an original product indeed.

Priced at €149.00 Including VAT

Also available fully installed/fitted via our expert fitting team

Available Sizes: 1200mm x 550mm / 1200mm x 600mm / 1200mm x 700mm

Max Floor to Ceiling Height: 2800mm

U-Value: 1.22w (m2k)



The Benefits of Engineered Flooring Compared to Solid Flooring

An engineered floor, simply put, is a floor made from more than one piece of timber. The multi-plywood layers use up to 12 layers of thinly cut hardwood and softwood timbers, placed and glued in multiple directions to increase the strength and stability of the solid top layer.

Solid timber boards are a living, breathing material and sensitive to constant environmental changes within your home. Moisture within a home will cause the board to fatten and swell, and cause your board to rise. Heat within a home will cause the release of moisture within the board and cause shrinkage. The amount of movement caused by environmental factors is far greater in solid timber than in engineered timber.

The benefits of engineered flooring over solid flooring are:

Far greater stability ensures less floor failures

Wider boards are more achievable as a result of greater stability

Wear Layers, or sanding layers are generally greater

Can be floated on an underlay

Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating



Laminate Flooring Durability – What’s an AC Rating?

A testament to the durability of laminate flooring is the ‘Abrasion Class’ to which it is certified under, more commonly referred to as the ‘AC Rating’. This AC rating is a good gauge as to how well a laminate floor will perform in both a residential and commercial setting. It is always advised that you check the AC Rating of a laminate before purchasing to ensure it suits your purpose.

Laminate flooring will receive an AC Rating based on a series of stress tests. The performance of the flooring under these tests will determine its rating.

The key stress points are staining, impact, heat, moisture, scratches and scuffs.

The following will give you a good indication of what you can expect from each AC Rating:

AC1:Suitable for residential use only, with moderate traffic

AC2:Suitable for residential use only, with general traffic

AC3: Suitable for heavy residential usage, or low commercial usage

AC4: Suitable for commercial usage with general traffic. Think cafes, hair salons or busy offices

AC5: Suitable for commercial usage with heavy traffic. Think hotels, department stores, or busy showrooms