What Skirting and Architrave suits your doors and home?

Skirting & Architrave

Skirting Board & Architrave
You might think this is a simple decision and its one most people don’t even think about until they are asked the question by us, “which skirting and architrave have you picked?”. I never even thought about it is the most common response.
The fact is that the type of architrave you pick is very important to compliment the style of door you have chosen. If for example you have picked a door with a lot of mouldings or raised panels with a nice bolection moulding then you need an architrave that will suit this, so a nice wide moulded style like Victoriana or Georgian moulded will match perfectly. If you have picked a plain style door like the Shaker door with clean cut lines then the half splayed, chamfered or shaker skirting is the match for you.
Skirting’s are a little easier then as you will need them to match the architrave you have just picked to continue the style from around your door to flow nicely around the rest of the room. Skirting’s can range in size so don’t worry if you have high ceilings and want something that will stand out because we have a large selection of sizes and designs to suit every home.
Colour Of Skirting & Architrave
The next problem that might catch you out is the colour of your skirting and architrave. When you pick a white primed door then the decision is simple, you go white primed skirting and architrave, but if you have picked an oak or walnut door then you have a choice to make. A lot of people are divided on this issue as half of people will want the oak or walnut skirting and architrave to match their doors but the other half like the look of a white architrave around the door which can really highlight your door and make the door stand out and be a main piece of furniture in your room. The white skirting and architrave usually makes picking a floor colour easier as the skirting running around the whole room needs to compliment this and white will match almost all floor types and colours. Oak and walnut skirting can be a bit of a headache when choosing a floor colour and usually a light colour floor is the way to go as getting an oak or walnut floor to match perfectly with your doors, skirting and architrave can be very difficult. This is where your trip to the showroom to see us is invaluable as we have the option to place our different types of flooring down on the ground in front of the door you have picked so you can see exactly how it will look and it takes all the guess work out of your decision.