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Murphy Larkin Timber Products

 Pre Hung WR2 Primed Bolection Door & Frame kit
Pre Hung 2 Panel Primed Bolection Door kit comes ready to install  Our 2 Panel WR2 Door..
€385.00 Ex Tax: €313.01
 Prehung Prestige Benito Walnut Door
Prehung Prestige Benito Walnut Door, c/w 'V' grooves detail into solid Walnut Slip.  Su..
€550.00 Ex Tax: €447.15
 Primed Architrave Ogee
Primed Architrave Ogee 5x2.25m lengths per pack. Sizes Available 19x69mm, 19x94mm Ou..
€37.00 €39.00 Ex Tax: €30.08
 Primed Architrave Shaker
Primed Architrave Shaker Profile. 5x2.25m lengths per pack. Sizes Available 19x69mm, 19x94mm P..
€37.00 €39.00 Ex Tax: €30.08
 Primed Clear Pyro Glass Fire Door FD30
FD30 Primed fire door clear Pyro Glazed FD30 30 minute fire door. Wheel chair accessible vision pane..
€325.00 Ex Tax: €264.23
 Primed Clear Pyro Glazed Fire Door FD60
FD60 Primed fire door Clear Pyro Glazed FD60 60 minute 1 hour fire door . Wheel chair accessible vis..
€520.00 Ex Tax: €422.76
 Primed Shaker Architrave Set 94mm
Primed Shaker Architrave 5no x 2.2 mtr lengths per pack. Pack fits both sides of standard size ..
€35.00 €38.00 Ex Tax: €28.46
 Primed Shaker Mirror Door
Our Hand made primed shaker Mirror white door comes 44 mm in thickness with 3 heavy&n..
€289.00 €294.79 Ex Tax: €234.96
 Primed Skirting Ogee
Primed Ogee Skirting 5 x 2.4mtr lengths per pack. 12 metres per pack 4 sizes available 119mmx19mm..
€68.00 Ex Tax: €55.28
 Primed white FD60 Flush Door
Primed white flush fire fire 60 minute (fd60) doors comes fully certified Fire door fd60 1 hour d..
€249.00 Ex Tax: €202.44
 Reguitti Sliding Door Privacy Lock
All new modern design square sliding pocket door privacy lock that offers both fashion and high qual..
€39.00 €39.90 Ex Tax: €31.71
 Shaker FD30 Glazed primed white door 44mm
Our shaker 1 panel clear glass fire door comes with a clear FD30 IE30 (30 minute rated) Our shaker g..
€685.00 Ex Tax: €556.91
 Underlay Vista Gold Foil Soundbarrier 10M Roll
Our Vista Gold Foil High Density Foam Based Underlay has a Gold Foil Moisture Barrier Along With an ..
€35.00 €42.00 Ex Tax: €28.46
 Victoriana Primed Skirting 4.2M
Our Victoriana Primed MDF Skirting Board comes in 4200mm x 180mm x 18mm per Length  Pri..
€32.00 €34.00 Ex Tax: €26.02
 Walnut shaker Mirror Door
Walnut shaker Mirror doors comes 44mm in thickness Prefinished sealed and lacquered. Real America..
€309.00 Ex Tax: €251.22
Attic Hatch Door (Dormer door)
Attic Hatch Door (Dormer door) Our Attic Hatch doors come with a polystyrene insulated door. ..
€125.00 €129.00 Ex Tax: €101.63
Auto Electric Attic Stairs
Our Auto Electric model is fully electric and automatic. Both the door and ladder open down automati..
€2,250.00 Ex Tax: €2,250.00
Blue Foam 60 Fire Rated Door Frame Foam
Exitex Blue 60 Fire Rated Frame foam 750ml (Gun Application only) Blue 60 is a specially formulat..
€23.90 Ex Tax: €19.43
Chamfered Oak Newel Post 91x91x1485mm
Chamfered Oak Newel Post comes unfinished ready to lacquer or stain. 91mm x 91mm x 1485mm This..
€140.00 Ex Tax: €113.82
Chamfered Oak Spindle 41x41x915mm
The Chamfered turned design oak spindle will prove to be a favourite with homeowners who cherish bot..
€14.90 Ex Tax: €12.11
Chamfered Solid oak Architrave pack
Solid Oak Chamfered oak Architrave packingle Pack contains 5 Lengths (2.13m) 19 × 69MM Pre-Varnished..
€140.00 Ex Tax: €113.82
Concave Coving 44x44mm
Our Concave Coving pack come with 4 Lengths (2.4m) 44 × 44 Pre-Primed white Wood Concave Coving. ..
€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91
Coving Moulded Profile 44x44mm
Our Moulded Coving pack come with 4 Lengths (2.4m) 44 × 44mm Pre-Primed White Wood Moulded Coving pe..
€83.00 Ex Tax: €67.48
Coving Victorian Profile 15x108mm
Our Victorian Coving pack come with 4 Lengths (2.4m) 44 × 44mm Pre-Primed White Wood Victorian Covin..
€80.31 Ex Tax: €65.29
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