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Oak Hardwood Timber Floor (Irene)

  • €236.26
  • Ex Tax: €192.08
2.19 Square meters per box
€107.88 Price per square meter
€89.90 sq/yard Price per square yard

We call our number 9 Irene. A warm name for a warm-coloured parquet. This parquet has the least visible veins of The Twelve. The most even parquet texture of them all. In large rooms, little texture inspires a sense of calmness – not a bad idea in the rush of daily life. Irene makes sure that you come home to serenity at the end of the working day. **Order Your Free Samples Here**

The entire collection is treated with fantastically strong sealant oil. This means that, once installed, it is ready for use. Not only that, but daily maintenance is a piece of cake. All it takes is a soft (slightly damp) broom or vacuum cleaner. That’s it. For the occasional deep cleaning, The Twelve offers a range of products that give your floor added protection, such as ‘The Twelve Maintenance Oil’ and ‘The Twelve Parquet Soap’. If you have underfloor heating, we highly recommend using maintenance oil twice a year in order to nourish the wood

The Twelve is a multilayer parquet. That’s not solid wood flooring, you say? No, but that’s exactly why it offers a number of important advantages. The Twelve is made up of three layers, including a durable top layer that is 3 mm thick. These layers make sure that your parquet will not swell or shrink due to moisture or fluctuating temperatures. It’s also the reason we offer a 20-year guarantee. 

Board size: 14mm x 190mm x 1920mm

Pack Size: 2.19 square meters

Profiling: Tongued and Grooved

Surface Finish: Oiled open grain Hardwood Timber Surface, ready to install

Construction: Engineered Multilayer Parquet

 We deliver all our Hardwood flooring throughout Ireland

Onderhoudsvriendelijk parket The Twelve

Maintenance? Piece of cake.

A quality floor requires little maintenance and you can live on it right away.

Europese eik topkwaliteit The Twelve parket

Top-quality European oak.

No made in China here. We prefer to stay closer to home. Made and delivered in Europe.

Vloerverwarming en parket The Twelve

Warm feet, check.

Your floor is a 100% match for underfloor heating thanks to the glued installation.

Pricing Info Floors
Square meters per box 2.19
Price per square meter €107.88
Price per square yard €89.90 sq/yard

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