Roomflex Bi-Fold Door Kit RFK1 With 2M Track

Roomflex Bi-Fold Door Kit RFK1 With 2M Track
Brand: Henderson Rails
Product Code: Roomflex Bi-Fold-Door Kit RFK
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RFK1 2 DOOR 3000M 926MM 50KG
RFK2 3 DOOR 3000M 926MM
RFK3 3+1 DOOR 3000M 926MMM 50KG

Option selected is RFK1 with a 2 meter track, Please select bigger sizes from pull down menu if required.

With the Room Flex Bi Fold door kit there's no bottom channel necessary, eliminating trip hazards & allowing for a seamless walk way
Perfect for the creation of flexible living areas and additional rooms
Doors stack up neatly to match the opening space
Kits RFK1 and RFK2 can be combined to form other door configurations such as 3 + 2 and 3 + 3.
Roomflex is an innovative, internal folding door hardware system that has been designed to create and enhance flexible living environments. Unlike other internal folding door systems, Roomflex has been designed to completely eliminate the need for a bottom channel, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing, seamless walkway from room to room. 

Homeowners can combine both open and broken-plan living by neatly storing the doors when the spaces are opened for entertaining or socialising. When closed the smaller rooms can be used for independent activities such as reading or catching up on TV shows or to simply reduce the space to what is necessary at varying times

RFK Door kits hold up to 50KG Per Door

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