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Internal doors, Oak doors changing colour over time!

Before we start this little investigation, we need to understand a few properties of wood that will effect the timber colour over time.

The colour of timber is caused by natural pigments. This is defined by a group of chemicals known as quinones and polyphenolic compounds. Quinones are the true pigments, as the polyphenolic compounds are clear. However they can become important over time, as will be discussed later.

All timber contains what are generally referred to as “extractives”. Extractives have been discussed earlier in a few previous articles, but are the pigments, tannins, and other resins. They can be ‘extracted’ with a solvent such as water or mineral turpentine, hence the name.

Another key component of timber that can effect it’s change of color over time is lignin. Lignin is the glue that holds the timber fibre together. It is the most important structural component of timber.

Weathering is the biggest single, and most important cause of discolouration. There are two main mechanisms behind this:

Exposure to rain bleeds out the extractives, including the natural pigments (quinones). This process lightens the colour of wood.
Exposure to UV breaks down the lignin into simple sugars. These sugars act as a food source for moulds, which can be dark and blotchy in appearance. But in situations where they are controlled, such as in dry or coastal climates, they don’t develop fully so turn the timber a silver-grey.

Weathered Grey Timber

Weathered Grey Timber

When it comes to Oak Timber, it starts to turn a yellow to golden colour over a number of year this is mainly due to UV exposure.

Yellowing oak

Yellowing oak





Sliding rails, barn doors and Pocket doors Murphy Larkin showrooms

Sliding doors, pocket doors

Here’s a short video of our sliding door, pocket doors and barn doors.

Our Tramore showrooms have a wide range of sliding door systems. Each has it’s own style and and bespoke finish. The rustic rail come in black and stainless steel finish and can hold a door weight of 80kgs ideal for a barn style door. Our pocket doors are ideal for saving space with the doors sliding back into a wall cavity. given a very clear modern look to any home.

Pocket door Videos

Double sliding doors

Here’s a few videos of a quick demo of our sliding doors kits. All pocket doors that are used in our videos are all supplied and installed by Murphy Larkin Timber Products. Our pocket door kits are all compatible with all our internal doors, barn doors and external Mahogany doors. www.murphylarkin.com

A Pocket Door is a Neat, Stylish, Sliding Door Solution


Murphy Larkin Pocket Doors

doors-cat-bannerPocket doors will not only provide a superb space saving door opening but will add an architectural detail to your interiors. You can use Pocket Doors in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Double or French pocket doors have been used in grand homes for hundreds of years to give an elegant transition between room; classic colonial styles were a favourite. A pocket door is an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms when floor space simply isn’t there to accommodate a full swinging door, particularly for en-suite bathrooms.
Pocket door

So, what is a pocket door? A pocket door has a top sliding mechanism, which runs within the cavity between two faces of a wall. This is generally an internal wall but can be created on exterior walls (usually in warmer climates and where security is not an issue). Ideally you need to plan for installation of a Pocket Door, as the cavity in the wall needs to be constructed prior to installation. So if creating a new build or renovating your home it is worth consideration at the design planning stage. Having said that internal walls can be easily adapted by constructing a second skin leaving a cavity for the door.

The Pocket Door system is not only useful when there is limited floor area they can provide easier opening for disabled access. In addition Pocket Doors give a streamlined appearance when furniture or fitments need to be near the door opening.
Pocket doors also give the opportunity to use interesting hardware, which is often the adornment of the door and of the home. Resist using a basic pull handle
, as there are some very stylish options available that will enhance the look of this special door!


pocket Doors

pocket Doorse are some very stylish options available that will enhance the look of this special door!

Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

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