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Thermo Attic Stairs

Our Thermo Attic Stairs is our standard model of attic stairs, and ideal for general domestic purposes.

It is a traditional 3 part retractable folding attic ladder constructed from red deal pine.

The Thermo Attic Stairs includes a trapdoor that is 26mm’s thick which is fully insulated and draft-proofed for minimal levels of heat loss.

The trapdoor is constructed by means of a red deal structural frame with a polystyrene insulated core.  The perimeter of the trapdoor is rebated with a rubber seal to improve airtightness.

A metal D-Handle is attached to the top third of the door to give the user support on entry to the attic.

Rubber feet are fitted to the end of the ladder to protect your floor or carpet from tears, indentations, or scratches.

The hatch is spring-loaded meaning that it will support its own weight and allow for gentle opening and closing.

The timber used in the construction of the attic stairs is sourced from renewable forests which is helpful to the environment.

It is truly an original product indeed.

Priced at €149.00 Including VAT

Also available fully installed/fitted via our expert fitting team

Available Sizes: 1200mm x 550mm / 1200mm x 600mm / 1200mm x 700mm

Max Floor to Ceiling Height: 2800mm

U-Value: 1.22w (m2k)



The Benefits of Engineered Flooring Compared to Solid Flooring

An engineered floor, simply put, is a floor made from more than one piece of timber. The multi-plywood layers use up to 12 layers of thinly cut hardwood and softwood timbers, placed and glued in multiple directions to increase the strength and stability of the solid top layer.

Solid timber boards are a living, breathing material and sensitive to constant environmental changes within your home. Moisture within a home will cause the board to fatten and swell, and cause your board to rise. Heat within a home will cause the release of moisture within the board and cause shrinkage. The amount of movement caused by environmental factors is far greater in solid timber than in engineered timber.

The benefits of engineered flooring over solid flooring are:

Far greater stability ensures less floor failures

Wider boards are more achievable as a result of greater stability

Wear Layers, or sanding layers are generally greater

Can be floated on an underlay

Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating



Laminate Flooring Durability – What’s an AC Rating?

A testament to the durability of laminate flooring is the ‘Abrasion Class’ to which it is certified under, more commonly referred to as the ‘AC Rating’. This AC rating is a good gauge as to how well a laminate floor will perform in both a residential and commercial setting. It is always advised that you check the AC Rating of a laminate before purchasing to ensure it suits your purpose.

Laminate flooring will receive an AC Rating based on a series of stress tests. The performance of the flooring under these tests will determine its rating.

The key stress points are staining, impact, heat, moisture, scratches and scuffs.

The following will give you a good indication of what you can expect from each AC Rating:

AC1:Suitable for residential use only, with moderate traffic

AC2:Suitable for residential use only, with general traffic

AC3: Suitable for heavy residential usage, or low commercial usage

AC4: Suitable for commercial usage with general traffic. Think cafes, hair salons or busy offices

AC5: Suitable for commercial usage with heavy traffic. Think hotels, department stores, or busy showrooms


Palladio Composite Doors From Profile Developments

At Murphy Larkin, our Palladio Composite Doors are very special external doors indeed. Built from fibreglass, the same material used in boat making, these doors are without doubt the most structurally stable and heat retentive external doors on the market today.

Fibreglass is a material designed to never twist, warp or bow due to its incredible weight to strength ratio. Bonded to the surface of the fibreglass is a PVC skin with a timber grain taken from a natural oak mould to give your door the most natural of looks.

Triple glazed glass and an 8 point locking system all combine to create a door that is a hindrance to all would-be intruders. With a U-Value low enough to suit passive-homes/houses, you will not only be buying a door that will last in excess of 40 years but a door that will save you extensive money on your home heating bills.

Composite Doors are designed to banish the flaws of existing external door materials such as PVC, Aluminium, and Timber.


Ext Sunbeam 2CD

Balterio Laminate Flooring: Quality and Style

Balterio laminate flooring is the current market leader in laminate flooring in Ireland. In terms of sheer quality, durability, scratch resistance and overall longevity, this brand provides it all on every level. Providing flooring styles to suit homes that are both traditional and modern, you will be spoilt for choice. Available in both wide and narrow boards. In terms of sheer volume of choice and with all of the appearance of a natural wood board, choose Balterio….the most natural looking laminate on the marketimg 1 img 2

Internal doors

Murphy Larkin Ireland’s Largest Range Of Internal Doors. We stock a complete range of Oak Internal Doors, Walnut Doors, White Primed Doors, Regency Doors, Fire Doors, Internal Glass Doors, Prehung Door Kits and our new Palladio Composite Doors. Our real wood doors are finished in natural hardwood’s which are long lasting, elegant and finished in a durable satin finish.

Our primed internal door range which are knot free and come top coat ready and can be painted to give a finish as individual as you. We manufacture our Prestige door range in house also providing a full door prehanging service on every door on our website. Because we carry a large inventory Murphy Larkin can have a stock order prepared with only a short lead time with next day delivery. Murphy Larkin also provides shipping on all our products throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. In this Blog we have shown some our showroom doors in Clonmel and Tramore branches.

Murphy Larkin showroom doors

Murphy Larkin showroom doors

Showroom doors at Murphy Larkin

Showroom doors at Murphy Larkin


#internaldoors Showroom Internal doors at our Clonmel showrooms


Internal Walnut Doors at our Waterford showrooms

Primed solid internal doors at our Tramore showrooms.

Primed solid internal doors at our Tramore showrooms.

Interal Primed doors at our Waterford showrooms

Interal Primed doors at our Waterford showrooms.

Clonmel Showrroms

Clonmel Showrroms