Sliding Door Track

Sliding Door Rail systems.

Sliding Gear Systems. Sliding Track products are very versatile and beused in a multitude of applications for pocket doors, barn doors, Pocket doors and gerneral sliding door systems.

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 Rustic 80 Barn Door Sliding Rail Set 2M
The Henderson Black Rustic 80 2 meter Track and roller kit is ideal for barn conversions, ..
€290.00 €249.00
Ex Tax: €202.44
Based on 33 reviews.
 Rustic 80 Barn Door Sliding Rail Set 3M
 The Henderson Black Rustic 80 3 meter Track and roller kit is ideal for ba..
€315.00 €310.00
Ex Tax: €252.03
Based on 3 reviews.
FDK1 Marathon Sliding Fire Door Kit (Self Closing)
Fire rating The Marathon Fire Door Kit FDK1 with Self Closing System  are systems develop..
€399.00 €282.90
Ex Tax: €230.00
Henderson Bifold B10 Sliding Door Rail 1067mm
Bifold B10 1067mm The Bifold range offers a stable, silent and smooth-opening folding system for ..
Ex Tax: €36.71
Based on 1 reviews.
Henderson Husky 100  Soft Close Stop
Husky & Pocket Door Soft Close door stop Soft stop for use with existing or new Husky 100 &..
Ex Tax: €47.97
Based on 1 reviews.
Henderson Husky 100 Sliding Rail Track 1.8mtr
Husky 100 Sliding 1.8mtr Track and Sliding Gear. With this option you can have the door sliding e..
€99.00 €68.98
Ex Tax: €56.08
Based on 19 reviews.
Henderson Husky Bi Folding 40/30 Sliding Door Rail 3M
Henderson Bi Folding set hHF40/30 Husky folding door gear for openings up to 3000mm wide using 4 doo..
€299.00 €275.00
Ex Tax: €223.58
Based on 1 reviews.
Henderson Husky Sliding Door Track 2.4mtr
Sliding Door track Husky 100 Sliding 2.4mtr Track and Sliding Gear With this option you can have ..
Ex Tax: €105.68
Henderson Stainless Steel Rail 2.0mtr
Sienna Henderson Stainless Steel Sliding 2 Meter Track and Sliding Gear. 120KG Kit With..
€330.00 €298.99
Ex Tax: €243.08
Based on 6 reviews.
Henderson Zenith Z12 1200mm Sliding Rail
Zenith Z12 1200mm The zenith is the perfect partner for any showcase, bookcase, display pane..
Ex Tax: €69.10
Pocket Door Rail Kit PDK Henderson
The PC Henderson Pocket Door is a unique sliding door solution that works with cavity walls, offerin..
€258.92 €239.00
Ex Tax: €194.31
Reguitti Sliding Door Privacy Lock
All new modern design square sliding pocket door privacy lock that offers both fashion and high qual..
Ex Tax: €31.71
Based on 2 reviews.
Roomflex Bi-Fold Door Kit RFK1
With the Room Flex Bi Fold door kit there's no bottom channel necessary, eliminating trip hazards &a..
€320.00 €298.99
Ex Tax: €243.08