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Are Grey doors are here to stay!

Our Doras Daiken doors range is proving very popular with our clients, The feedback we receive is all positive . When our clients are updated there homes or designing a new build. The new grey colors in the doors and floors are the one’s the choose over the popular white, is it because the doors come in a laminated grey finish that needs no maintenance, that wont show up finger prints. Or is it just something different. Pop into our showrooms in Clonmel and Tramore or buy online

Daiken Grey Doors

Grey Doors

Doras Daiken Grey Door

Grey solid door

Sliding rails, barn doors and Pocket doors Murphy Larkin showrooms

Sliding doors, pocket doors

Here’s a short video of our sliding door, pocket doors and barn doors.

Our Tramore showrooms have a wide range of sliding door systems. Each has it’s own style and and bespoke finish. The rustic rail come in black and stainless steel finish and can hold a door weight of 80kgs ideal for a barn style door. Our pocket doors are ideal for saving space with the doors sliding back into a wall cavity. given a very clear modern look to any home.

Solid Doors Vs Engineered Doors

There is a common misconception that products with an engineered core are inferior to there solid equivalents, possibly down to the lower price and implied quality difference between solid and engineered materials.

Whilst a solid door set may hold a certain desirability factor to it, a like for like engineered door will have significant performance benefits that greatly improve upon that of a solid.

The doors may look the same, but as all you old romantics will know…its what’s on the inside that counts

As the name suggests, solid door constructions are made from singular pieces of timber, jointed, glued or dowelled together.

Engineered cores take a more modern approach to door leaf construction. In some cases particle board is used, whilst in other cases a cross-configuration of multi-layered timber is pressed and glued together to form a solid core. In both cases, a veneer is applied to the surface and solid lipping is fixed to the edges for shaving purposes.

Solid doors have a premium allure to them, and there inherent strength is undeniable. They are, however, susceptible to environmental factors such as heat and moisture. Exposure to factors such as these can cause a solid door to warp or bow, making it twist and gradually lose shape.

Engineered doors, on the other hand, are far more structurally stable as they are made from multiple materials and can evenly distribute any environmental stress that may be applied to it

Its highly likely that an engineered set will out-perform your solid door set for less money, and as newer building regulations call for better thermal insulation, your final decision may be a no brainer.



Internal doors

Murphy Larkin Ireland’s Largest Range Of Internal Doors. We stock a complete range of Oak Internal Doors, Walnut Doors, White Primed Doors, Regency Doors, Fire Doors, Internal Glass Doors, Prehung Door Kits and our new Palladio Composite Doors. Our real wood doors are finished in natural hardwood’s which are long lasting, elegant and finished in a durable satin finish.

Our primed internal door range which are knot free and come top coat ready and can be painted to give a finish as individual as you. We manufacture our Prestige door range in house also providing a full door prehanging service on every door on our website. Because we carry a large inventory Murphy Larkin can have a stock order prepared with only a short lead time with next day delivery. Murphy Larkin also provides shipping on all our products throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. In this Blog we have shown some our showroom doors in Clonmel and Tramore branches.

Murphy Larkin showroom doors

Murphy Larkin showroom doors

Showroom doors at Murphy Larkin

Showroom doors at Murphy Larkin


#internaldoors Showroom Internal doors at our Clonmel showrooms


Internal Walnut Doors at our Waterford showrooms

Primed solid internal doors at our Tramore showrooms.

Primed solid internal doors at our Tramore showrooms.

Interal Primed doors at our Waterford showrooms

Interal Primed doors at our Waterford showrooms.

Clonmel Showrroms

Clonmel Showrroms